Checklist – Thoughts

This is the first addition to the checklist. I present 8 verses on the topic of self-control and our thoughts. Check it out here.

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Commentary – Proverbs 1:6

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“To understand a proverb and an enigma, the words of the wise and their riddles.”
Lexicon study

Biyn (understand) = Discern, give heed, perceive, be strong with one’s mind. Ability to connect the dots and gain further insight, i.e. assimilated the information. Neh 8:1-12, the teachers reasoned with the people until they biyn understood. See more here.
Mashal (proverb) = See proverbs 1:1
M@liytsah (enigma) = a satire or taunting/mocking song/poem; an enigma that needs to be guessed.
Dabar (words) = the spoken/uttered words.
Chakam (wise) = see proverbs 1:5
Chiydah (riddles) = a difficult question/riddle. The root word is echad, a door in the wall connecting the outside and inside, united, i.e. the teller and the listener, with the answer of the riddle uniting the two as the listener is brought up to meet the teller’s understanding/knowledge. Those who are outside, who don’t understand the parable, needs someone remove the veil.


Solomon presents another idea where the goal is to understand, that despite being on the outside, not privy to hidden meanings of proverbs and enigmas, the goal is to be able to connect the dots and comprehend the words of those who seek after God, after chokmah, and those who divide right from wrong according to the biblical perspective. Through proverbs we can gain insight and reach their understanding. To be in their shoes and understand why they say those things.

Commentary – Proverbs 1:5

The checklist and proverbs 1:6 posts will be uploaded within the next few hours. You can find an updated commentary on proverbs 1 thus far here.


“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:”
Lexicon study

Chakam (wise) = the state/quality of being wise, skilful. Chakam is the root form of chokmah, and differs in its usage in being closely related to the heart. The idea is of one who seeks/desires/has the heart or mindset to rightly divide right from wrong (similar idea presented in 2 Tim 2:15). The person who demonstrates this chakam will gain the gift of chokmah from God. See more here.
Shama’ (hear) = give earnest heed, listen, understand, and obey; be obedient.
Leqach (learning) = Insight into instruction/teaching. To learn/mentally take away the teachings/instruction/expounding of doctrine.
Biyn (understanding)
Tachbulah (wise counsel) = direction, guidance, specifically related to that of good and bad; against wicknedness. Built on the word chebel, a rope, the root idea is to steer a ship and guide it to the shore/safety without crashing, clear of dangers/evil.


Solomon here is saying that it is important that you approach proverbs with the desire to be wise, to be able to understand right from wrong, and to gain the gift of wisdom from God, because if you do so, you will heed the words found within Proverbs, and by extension you will be able to gain insight from these words. In turn the understanding of these proverbs will guide you and keep you safe.

Posting Update #1

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